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Roma Rice

Roma rice has big, rounded and long grains. Its contains a high percentage of starch that is lost during cooking thus permitting to obtain a soft and very creamy risotto.
It is very appreciated in the kitchen due to its high versatility that makes it suitable for any type of cooking: risottos, timbales as well as soups.

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1-2-5 kg

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0.5 kg

Vacuum-packed box

1 kg

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0.5 kg

Our recipes: Creamy risotto with radicchio

Ingredients: 400g Roma rice, 80g butter, one head of radicchio, one piece of onion, 1 lt approx. of vegetable stock, 30g Grana Padano cheese, 150g liquid cream, salt, pepper

Preparation method

Cut radicchio into thin strips, wash it several times and strain excess water. 
Finely chop the onion. Melt half of the butter in a pan and sweat the onion on a low flame. Then raise the flame and add radicchio. Keep cooking and mixing until the radicchio is sautéed. Add the rice and toast, mixing until it flavours. Cook adding the hot stock little by little. Add salt.
Finally, add the cream and the Grana Padano cheese and mix gently until rice absorbs the cream. The rice shall be creamy. Sprinkle with pepper and serve very hot, garnished with grilled radicchio if you wish.


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