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Balilla/Selenio Rice

Originario rice has small and round grains. 
Due to its reduced size, its roundness and the softness of the grain, it is the ideal ingredient for recipes requiring the rice to be mixed with other ingredients: therefore it is recommended in soups or ‘pouched’ in the stock. Due to its capacity to hold up to cooking it is also suitable for preparing sweets as well as the traditional and tasty “arancini” (croquettes).

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1-2-5 kg

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0.5 kg

Vacuum-packed box

1 kg

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0.5 kg
Balilla Selenio

Our recipes: Base for Sushi

Ingredients: 600ml water, 510g Sushi rice, 100ml rice vinegar (or apple vinegar alternatively), 50g sugar, 10g salt, 5g alga

Preparation method

Rinse the rice in a large bowl until water runs clear in order to remove the starch, let the rice perfectly dry in a filter, then put it in a pot and add alga and water. Cook on a medium flame for 10 minutes approximately, then cook on a low flame for 12 minutes approximately. 
Turn the burner off and let the rice stand in the pot for 10 minutes without removing the lid. 
While waiting, pour the rice vinegar into another pot, and add sugar and salt.
Melt on a very low flame (never bring the liquid to boil since the vinegar shall not lose its acidity).
Once the 10 minutes are over, open the pot and remove the alga. Pour the rice into a preferably low wooden bowl. Then pour the seasoning and carefully separate rice grains.
After thoroughly mixing, cover the rice with a cloth. 
When the rice has cooled down, you can use it to prepare any type of Sushi.


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